March/Featured Book: James Herriot’s Favorite Dog Stories

dog storiesThe pseudonym of James Wight, an actual veterinarian, “James Herriot” published many volumes of journalistic stories about his daily adventures in 1940s and 50s Yorkshire, England. Descriptive, humorous, and always redeeming, his writings based on true characters and events have enjoyed great popularity, and are available in suitable formats for all ages.

James Herriot’s Favorite Dog Stories is a compilation of the most beloved tales (get it?) of the many colorful canines he had the pleasure to meet and treat. Accented by the lively watercolor illustrations of Lesley Holmes throughout, this bright and beautiful book (ok, just a nod to some of his other works there- if you’re a Herriot fan, you caught it) is an enjoyable choice for some light reading, or chapter reading with a youngster. I certainly got into his work young, and have read and re-read his many stories over and over. They never get old and the characters are like old friends. The interesting subject matter, combined with a masterful and funny delivery makes for enjoyable reading again and again. “Mr. ‘Erriot” has earned his station and commendation as a writer as well as a veterinarian. If you are unfamiliar with his work, this little compilation is a great opportunity to become introduced. If you are a fan, you will recognize and remember these old favorites and enjoy the lovely illustrations of each. And if you’re inspired to read (or re-read) more, we carry numerous copies of his other works, in both hardcover and paperback 🙂



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