Fall Happenings

Hello dear readers! After a whirlwind summer, we looked up to see a beautiful autumnal scene framed within the Old Library’s beautiful diamond paned windows. With Columbus Day weekend come and gone, the leaf season has definitely arrived, and a flurry of activity- human and animal- seems to have come with it. Outside, the squirrels in the field adjacent are busy gathering, while customers inside are perusing books of all subjects…perhaps they too are preparing for the impending colder months!

I suppose there is something instinctive in us that drives us to activity in the fall. What is it that motivates you, dear reader? Do the abundant fall harvests and kitchen-friendly temperatures inspire you to bake goodies or put by preserves for the winter? Or perhaps knitting and sewing up something cozy seems like a good idea. Maybe you enjoy craft projects inspired by upcoming holidays, or meal planning for the gatherings that are soon to come. On the other hand, perhaps the season is enticing you outdoors to enjoy the beautiful colors and daylight hours while they last. Plenty of opportunities for day trips and sightseeing, whether on foot or bike, or in the car. Farm trips, festivals, hiking trails, the list goes on. Or perhaps this season doesn’t inspire any of these things in you. After a busy summer, maybe it’s a time of winding down- a time to put on a pot of hot coffee or tea and watch the game, or enjoy a book.

If your travels were to bring you by our cozy little book store, you might discover we have a book to inspire and help you along regarding your ideal pastime. Check out our sections on Arts and Crafts, Antiques and Collectibles, Cookbooks, Travel, New England, Sports, or even just good old Fiction. And don’t forget to check out this month’s Book of the Month post from Arts and Architecture!

Hope you are enjoying this season of transition and change. We have one big change to report- in staffing! Sadly, we sent three of our trusty staffers off to Boston for college this September. While they are missed, we are very much enjoying the fresh faces and enthusiasm of our new YLs Julianna and Megan. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and meet them while you browse. You are welcome to bring your favorite hot beverage with you 🙂

Happy Fall from all of us at Heritage Books!


PS- The sale goes on! You can still take 50% off titles marked with an inventory number of 27,000 or less (excluding dollar paperbacks).


About Heritage Books

Selling very good books and ephemera, paperbacks to collectibles with everything in between, at very good prices.
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