*Spring Updates*


birds and flowers and picnics, oh my!

Hope all our readers out there are enjoying an increase in daylight hours and getting more time in for recreation. Just wanted to let you know that in honor of the awakenings, new beginnings, and blossoming things that Spring embodies, we’ve decided to extend our Romance bag sale. That’s the one where you fill a brown grocery bag with as many Romance paperbacks (located downstairs) for just 5 dollars. (And believe me, you can fit a LOT in there!)

Even if Romance isn’t your thing, we still have plenty of other books on sale. We also have some new items in Fiction (with their own little display!) as well as all other genres, and we’re adding more all the time. So that about sums it up…moving out the old(er) inventory to make room for new in the spirit of Spring. Hope some of you can take advantage of the warmer weather to venture out and shop some great deals!



About Heritage Books

Selling very good books and ephemera, paperbacks to collectibles with everything in between, at very good prices.
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