Some Rare Books

HAPPY SPRING!!  We have a large, wild grassy area behind our building that the birds just love.  They have been tweeting away back there – lots of cardinals, robins, goldfinches, chickadees and some others I haven’t yet been able to identify.  I’m waiting to see and hear a Baltimore Oriole.  I’ll have to bring in my binoculars and maybe consult one of our birding books.  Speaking of which, we have lots of fine books about birds, also about gardening and nature and flowers.

I’ve been going through two different boxes of very interesting books over the past week.  One comes from a lot that Bruce acquired from a member of the Longfellow/Emerson/Hitchcock family – so many very unusual and wonderful books.  Many are inscribed to Mary B. Emerson Hitchcock or Margaret Longfellow Emerson, some contain the bookplate of Samuel Franklin Emerson.  The other box comes from a lot that Bruce acquired from the daughter of a local painter who passed away not long ago.

I thought I’d show some photos of a few of the scarce/rare books that I’ve discovered:

Memories by John Galsworthy, First Illustrated Edition, 1914, $80


Richard Schmid Paints the Figure: Advanced Techniques in Oil, First Edition, First Printing, $250


Young Maids & Old China by F. W. Bourdillon, illustrated by J. G. Sowerby, dated 1890, Marcus Ward & Co.,  $120


Winsome Womanhood by Margaret Sanger, illustrated with photos by William Buckingham Dyer, 1901, $50



Discourses, Delivered on Public Occasions, Illustrating the Principles, Displaying the Tendency, and Vindicating the Design, of Free Masonry by Thaddeus Mason Harris, $225


Harley Brown’s Eternal Truths for Every Artist, First Edition, $150



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