Holiday Specials

Its been quite awhile since the last post because we’ve been busy, busy, busy, trying to move a multitude of more books onto our shelves for all your gift-giving needs.  Or, if you’re looking to stock up on good reads for the days & nights of cozying up inside, we’re here for that too.  Our wonderful teen staffers have been going through our boxes of vintage paperbacks – primarily mysteries – so we have a bountiful collection of those out.  For any science fiction fan, we just stocked three shelves full of hard covers priced at $3-8 and to top that off we have a Buy 2 Get 3rd Half-price Holiday Special on them!  Most are in excellent condition, with authors such as LeGuin, Brunner, Heinlein, Burroughs, Anderson, Simenon, and many more.

Many of the books on our main, upstairs level are discounted 50%  – it goes by the book number we put inside (our organizational system).  So any book you find with a number of 23000 or less is half price.  It may be odd but it works best for us.  Just ask if you’re not sure.

Another Holiday Special we have going is on our Heritage Press classics.  So many great classics of literature – From Darwin’s On the Origin of Species to James’ The Turn of the Screw to Penguin Island in beautifully bound editions.  We are offering a Buy 2 Get 3rd Half Price Special on those too – and they’re already very reasonably priced.  A great way to expand and beautify your library or someone else’s.    I hope to have some pics soon to follow.

For your one-stop shopping, we also have a selection of holiday cards and wrapping paper.

Season’s Greetings!


About Heritage Books

Selling very good books and ephemera, paperbacks to collectibles with everything in between, at very good prices.
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