Changing with the Leaves

We’ve been moving things around and changing things up a bit at the bookstore.  The fall air seems to give me energy for such things.  To start, we have lots and lots of old sheet music – many are great for collecting or framing to decorate a space or to play and sing with as they were intended.  We’ve had two large bins full of sheet music (and there’s more where they came from), all protected with bags and boards, sadly going barely noticed on a table amongst our mass market paperbacks on our lower level.  I decided to bring them upstairs and give them a proper place to shine.

Here they are with a window seat, waiting to be admired and taken home:

A closer look at a few:

One of my favorites:

Across from the sheet music I put out an extra table for the many, many old Heritage Press books that we have.  They’ve been on shelves in one of our closets for far too long but we just weren’t sure where best to put them.  Finally, we’re pulling them out, putting them on our database and letting them see the light of day.  They are all wonderful classics of literature in excellent condition – most include illustrations (by a variety of illustrators and methods, be it woodcuts, pen and ink or lithograph), are beautifully bound and come with a slipcase.  Here’s a shot of those we’ve put out so far but there are many more on the way:

Here are a few individual samples sans slipcase:

Frankenstein ($12), Tess of the D’Ubervilles ($10), The Innocent Voyage ($10)

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin ($10), Essays of R. W. Emerson ($20), Uncle Remus ($12)

We also brought over a selection of our rarest books, which are still stored at the Heritage Surveys building just down the road.  Sometime in the near future I hope to move more of our vintage children’s books downstairs and then have enough shelf space behind the desk to bring them all over.  Madeline arranged the rare books beautifully in one of our front display cases along with some sheet music for added interest.  Here’s a look at the display:

Well, I hope this inspires people who haven’t visited our shop yet to come on by …. and see what treasures you might find.

About Heritage Books

Selling very good books and ephemera, paperbacks to collectibles with everything in between, at very good prices.
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