A Belated Happy Independence Day

We were closed this past weekend in order to enjoy the 4th of July holiday.  I was going through some of our sheet music last Thursday – we have lots of vintage sheet music – and picked out some that fit the 4th of July theme, then ran out of time to post them.  No harm in offering a belated recognition of Independence Day, which we might imbue with a special meaning for us independent bookshops (selling ephemera too, hence the sheet music).  Here is a sampling:

Columbia March by Seneca G. Lewis (Miss Hazel Dawn pictured); Remick, 1917

National Emblem March by E.E. Bagley; Walter Jacobs, 1911

Haunted Heart by Howard Dietz & Arthur Schwartz from Inside U.S.A.: A Musical Revue; Chappell & Co., 1948

The New Liberty March Two Step by Harry J. Lincoln; U.S. Music Pub. Co., 1917

Dear Old Stars and Stripes Good-Bye by Harvey Briggs and Harley Wilson; Feist, 1902

And now a quintessential fun lovin’ summertime piece from the 50s:

We hope you’re genuninely enjoying your summer.  We have plenty of beach and lake-worthy books and we have air conditioning!


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