B- Spring Awakening

Hello, Dearest Readers!

We’ve been radio-silent for so long, you might have assumed we were hibernating! Though it does feel like ages since we’ve seen daylight, the truth is we’ve been busy little bees inside our cozy Library hive. One of the newer developments is the appearance of lots more ephemera. Primarily in the form of vintage posters and matted prints, they are varying sizes and are shrink-wrapped for preservation. Displayed around the bookstore, they add some life and color to the big wall-space beneath our vaulted ceiling.

Other changes include some reorganizing to showcase our hardcover book sale (select titles are $2 ea/3 for $5), as well as making some updates to Fiction. Now with a bit more subdivision, designated areas have been assigned to $2 Bestsellers, Mystery, and Sci-fi/Fantasy. Of course, we’ve kept Poetry and Plays in their well-deserved place as well, and there is still a large General Fiction area. Plus,  while our half-price sale is still going, we’ve recently lowered pricing on many titles throughout the section, reflecting an even deeper discount 🙂

Though we’ve been open for business throughout the (long) winter, but it’s been an icy, gray time of year following the holidays, and we are excited to see more lovely customers coming through our doors as days grow longer and snowbanks recede. (Just watch out for potholes. Ouch.)

We hope you will be among them (customers, not pothole victims)- and wish you a happy incoming Spring!



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Books (and ephemera) make the best gifts!

While you’re out searching for just-the-right gifts for your loved ones, stop by and see us – we have something for everyone!  We’re a pleasant ride down Route 10 where you can avoid all the craziness and take your time browsing around our beautiful building, Southampton’s historic town library.  Plenty of easy parking too.

We have a large section just for mystery lovers.

mysteryPoetry lovers too.

poetryFor collectors, we have beautiful vintage children’s books.  Also, modern children’s for the kids!childrensWe have sections that will satisfy just about every interest and age!

nature       music humor

art        fiction1

Looking for something that’s not a book but makes a great, unique, personal gift?  We have plenty of options there!

Like, beautiful vintage posters illustrated by some of the best children’s book illustrators:

Richard Scarry, Maurice Sendak

Richard Scarry, Maurice Sendak

Jan Balet, Trina Schart Hyman

Jan Balet, Trina Schart Hyman

Matted prints and vintage ephemera:

art prints     ephemera1

And many more tangible treasures!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us at Heritage Books!



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March/Featured Book: James Herriot’s Favorite Dog Stories

dog storiesThe pseudonym of James Wight, an actual veterinarian, “James Herriot” published many volumes of journalistic stories about his daily adventures in 1940s and 50s Yorkshire, England. Descriptive, humorous, and always redeeming, his writings based on true characters and events have enjoyed great popularity, and are available in suitable formats for all ages.

James Herriot’s Favorite Dog Stories is a compilation of the most beloved tales (get it?) of the many colorful canines he had the pleasure to meet and treat. Accented by the lively watercolor illustrations of Lesley Holmes throughout, this bright and beautiful book (ok, just a nod to some of his other works there- if you’re a Herriot fan, you caught it) is an enjoyable choice for some light reading, or chapter reading with a youngster. I certainly got into his work young, and have read and re-read his many stories over and over. They never get old and the characters are like old friends. The interesting subject matter, combined with a masterful and funny delivery makes for enjoyable reading again and again. “Mr. ‘Erriot” has earned his station and commendation as a writer as well as a veterinarian. If you are unfamiliar with his work, this little compilation is a great opportunity to become introduced. If you are a fan, you will recognize and remember these old favorites and enjoy the lovely illustrations of each. And if you’re inspired to read (or re-read) more, we carry numerous copies of his other works, in both hardcover and paperback 🙂


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January Book of the Month: A Collection of Drawings by Black Hawk

spirit beings and sun dancers

Spirit Beings and Sun Dancers: Black Hawk’s Vision of the Lakota World
by Janet Catherine Berlo

I spotted this book in our Travel and Cultures section and thought it so very cool that I wanted to share it with you all. It might seem like a bit of a cheat, but I felt the book’s dust flap summary to be so comprehensive and compelling, that I chose to simply transcribe it for you here 🙂


“One of the finest examples of Native American pictorial art, Black Hawk’s drawing book is published here and in full color for the first time. Having recently emerged from obscurity (the book appeared for auction in 1994 after being abandoned for decades in a file cabinet), these seventy-six vivid drawings now stand as the most complete visual record of Lakota art of the early Reservation period (1875-95).

A Lakota artist and medicine man living on South Dakota’s Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, Black Hawk completed these pencil and ink drawings during the winter of 1880-81. The drawings were commissioned by William Edward Caton, the trader at the Cheyenne River Agency, who paid Black Hawk fifty cents for each drawing and later gathered them together in a handsome leather-bound volume. The drawings depict a wide-range of subjects ranging from ceremonial activities, personal visions, warfare, and historic events, to scenes of daily life, nature studies, and hunting. Some of Black Hawk’s illustrations are the only known drawings of ceremonies described in ethnographic works such as Black Elk Speaks, the famous account of visions experienced by Lakota man Black Elk.

Drawing on ethnographic accounts and her discussions with Lakota interviewees and scholars, Janet Berlo’s comprehensive and insightful text presents a fully rounded picture of the cultural background from which Black Hawk’s drawings emerged. her analysis of Black Hawk’s extraordinary images examines their potent iconography and stylistic elements, and places them within the Lakota tradition. A brief history of the Lakota is also provided, describing what is known of their early origins, of Black Hawk’s time, and of their trajectory into the twentieth century.

An invaluable contribution to our knowledge of Native American history and art, Black Hawk’s drawing book is a window on a fascinating and eloquent world.”

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We’re Festive and Cheery Inside…

Come on In and See!
library xmas2Books Make the Best Gifts!!  We have cheap (inexpensive), unique cards, gift wrap and labels too for one-stop shopping convenience.  We’ll even let you use our tape dispenser if you’re in a hurry:)


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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

…as the old song goes- and it suddenly is! I’m not sure when it happened, but the leaves are down, the skies have taken a on grayish light, and the geese have mostly passed us by. The field outside our window is just dotted with fleeting, fading green patches, and the abundant wildlife harbored there seems suddenly hushed in accordance with the new muted theme.

But things are animated here inside the Old Library! With Thanksgiving gone in a blink, we are shaping up to welcome patrons into our little haven, where they can escape the seasonal hustle and bustle to browse in our festive, yet quiet and relaxed atmosphere. (How many retailers can say that this time of year?) Just this weekend we were honored to take part in Small Business Saturday- something which really seems to be catching on in the local area. We loved seeing some new faces and helping them to get acquainted with our beautiful old building and its history. Very soon we’ll be hanging the wreaths on the front door and decking out our the book shop with other Holiday offerings- cards, sheet music, ephemera, and plenty of books to help you make things merry and bright. Our friendly staffers would be happy to assist you in finding just the right thing, or simply letting you do your own thing, if that’s what you prefer. In a season that seems to revolve so much around “things”, we invite you to stop in, shake off the chill (and maybe a little stress) while you peruse our selection for a gift that is sure to be meaningful and appreciated. (Or, if you’re unsure about your recipient’s tastes, perhaps a gift certificate is best- we offer those too!) Happiest Holidays and hope to see you soon!


(And yes, the 50% off sale is still going! Ask us for details!)

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Fall Happenings

Hello dear readers! After a whirlwind summer, we looked up to see a beautiful autumnal scene framed within the Old Library’s beautiful diamond paned windows. With Columbus Day weekend come and gone, the leaf season has definitely arrived, and a flurry of activity- human and animal- seems to have come with it. Outside, the squirrels in the field adjacent are busy gathering, while customers inside are perusing books of all subjects…perhaps they too are preparing for the impending colder months!

I suppose there is something instinctive in us that drives us to activity in the fall. What is it that motivates you, dear reader? Do the abundant fall harvests and kitchen-friendly temperatures inspire you to bake goodies or put by preserves for the winter? Or perhaps knitting and sewing up something cozy seems like a good idea. Maybe you enjoy craft projects inspired by upcoming holidays, or meal planning for the gatherings that are soon to come. On the other hand, perhaps the season is enticing you outdoors to enjoy the beautiful colors and daylight hours while they last. Plenty of opportunities for day trips and sightseeing, whether on foot or bike, or in the car. Farm trips, festivals, hiking trails, the list goes on. Or perhaps this season doesn’t inspire any of these things in you. After a busy summer, maybe it’s a time of winding down- a time to put on a pot of hot coffee or tea and watch the game, or enjoy a book.

If your travels were to bring you by our cozy little book store, you might discover we have a book to inspire and help you along regarding your ideal pastime. Check out our sections on Arts and Crafts, Antiques and Collectibles, Cookbooks, Travel, New England, Sports, or even just good old Fiction. And don’t forget to check out this month’s Book of the Month post from Arts and Architecture!

Hope you are enjoying this season of transition and change. We have one big change to report- in staffing! Sadly, we sent three of our trusty staffers off to Boston for college this September. While they are missed, we are very much enjoying the fresh faces and enthusiasm of our new YLs Julianna and Megan. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and meet them while you browse. You are welcome to bring your favorite hot beverage with you 🙂

Happy Fall from all of us at Heritage Books!


PS- The sale goes on! You can still take 50% off titles marked with an inventory number of 27,000 or less (excluding dollar paperbacks).

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